The ACE Program is a system of career assessment and counseling designed to help clients choose interesting and fulfilling careers. 

About the ACE Program

The ACE Program assesses personality and interests. It integrates, in a unique and effective fashion, Carl Jung's Theory of Personality Types, the Holland Theory of Vocations, and several other important indicators of career direction to help clients understand where they fit in the current labor market. Clients also learn how to go about conducting occupational research that will increase their chances of making a good choice.
The ACE Program is ideal for high school juniors & seniors and college students trying to identify a college major or vocational training program. Career changers and those who are choosing their first career also benefit from the Program. Really, the ACE Program is beneficial to anyone trying to answer the question "What do I want to be when I grow up?" (Please see our page Who Is This Program For? for a better idea of whether this program is right for you). The ACE Program consists of two, 2-3 hour sessions, is conducted online via Zoom, and is provided on a "Pay As You Can" basis. 

ACE Program FAQs

So, I'm going to take some tests and you're going to tell me what to do?
There's more to it than that. The ACE Program differs from, and is more effective than, what is called "test 'em and tell 'em." This is an active assessment and counseling process. Instead of sitting down for two hours and answering a bunch of questions on a "test" after which you get your "results", you'll be actively working one-on-one with a Professional Career Counselor. This is a unique, cutting-edge, very successful type of assessment process where you'll need to be prepared to work hard in the sessions to help assure that we have reliable results, and to get the most out of the Program. We'll help you to understand the career choice process and get started on your career research. The ACE Program is a career choice program to help people define their purpose and discover meaningful work.

How much does the ACE Program cost, and how do we proceed?
The ACE Program consists of two 2 to 3-hour sessions and the suggested fee is $170 for the complete Program. If you cannot afford this fee, pleae let me know and we'll work out something you can afford. You'll attend one session per week, totaling two weeks for the completion of the Program. You can get started by contacting me. We'll then set up a time for a phone consultation where I'll explain the Program a little further for you and answer any questions you have. If you'd like to proceed, I'll give you homework and we'll set up an appointment. 

Two Main Components
of the Program

The three components/sessions of the Program are as follows:

1) Active Assessment & Interpretation - Component/Session 1 is devoted to an active assessment and interpretation process. My goal, as you and I work through this component, is to assess certain important aspects of your vocational personality in a way that ensures accuracy, and to make sure you have an understanding of what those important aspects mean in terms of your career development.

2) Integration & Research - In Component/Session 2 we'll be integrating the results of the assessments and helping you to find your place in today's labor market. We'll also discuss further research and the next steps you'll need to take to get started in your career planning.

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