Who Is This Program For?

I have many people call me who are interested in what I do, and who would like to participate in the ACE program. When they call, I spend some time "pre-qualifying" them to make sure they are coming to the right professional for their career concerns. This page is an effort to help you "pre-qualify" yourself so that you know beforehand whether the ACE Program is right for you.

So Far So Good
If you've read the rest of the website and you are thinking the ACE Program is the right place for you, that's a good start! Now, let's get a little more specific...

Who Is The ACE Program Not For?
I don't like to start off with a negative, but it's actually easier to look at who the ACE Program is not for than who it is for. So, let's begin there...

1) Job Searchers. You won't get help with your resume, interviewing techniques, or job search in the ACE Program. As noted elsewhere, if the time comes for you to need those types of services I have several very experienced professionals to whom I can refer you.

2) Those looking for a Recruiter. We aren't recruiters or "head-hunters", so you won't get help matching your highly specialized skills and experience to companies or jobs in the area.

3) If you are a career changer, and maintaining a high salary is your primary concern, the ACE Program is probably not for you. If, on the other hand, you are thinking about a career change and you are at least open to the idea of starting at the bottom in a new career, and you are again at least open to the idea of some additional training, then this program may be a good fit. The people who come to see me are looking for what they were truly meant to do with their lives, irrespective of how it will effect their salary and lifestyle. Maintaining your current salary and lifestyle is a secondary concern, and not the focus of the ACE Program. Certainly we look at salaries and consider lifestyle, but again, these are not the primary concerns, in that we don't let them limit our possibilities. The ACE Program is focused on career and human potential based mainly on internal qualities (who you are as a person - interests, personality characteristics, etc.) as opposed to external qualities (salary, lifestyle issues, occupational outlook, etc.) We do look at some of those things, but again, they are not the focus of the Program.

Who Is The ACE Program For?

If you are genuinely confused about what you want to do career-wise, and if you are trying to figure out what you were truly meant to do with your life, then the ACE Program is for you. ACE is a Program that focuses on human potential and helping you to find the place where you can be the best you were meant to be. Let's look at some specific types of people who succeed in this program...

1)16 - 24 year old's. This program was built for young people who are trying to decide on a career path. Indeed, young people in this age range are usually unencumbered by issues like salary and lifestyle, and this allows them to be open-minded with regard to their career potential.

2) Anyone ready to make their first career choice. No matter your age, if you feel like you've had a "job" but not a "career" and are ready to take the first step toward that goal, the ACE Program could be for you. Again, you need to be open-minded with regard to options, and have salary and lifestyle be of secondary concern.

3) Career Changers. This is a program that has worked for many career changers, but again, the same qualifications exist as described above in that you you need to be open-minded with regard to options, and have salary and lifestyle be of secondary concern. In essence, you have to be open to the idea of starting again at the bottom in a completely different career.

4) Curious Folks! You're a person who Is happy with what you're doing, but curious about what else you might be doing. Over the years, I've occasionally had clients who were happy with their jobs/careers, but also were wondering about what else might be out there for them. For these clients it was almost like dipping their toe in the water just to see if, perhaps, they might want to take a swim!   

  5) You're one of the above people but you can't afford to pay the high fees associated with career counseling. I'll mention again here that I am conducting the ACE Program at a suggested fee that is well below the standard fee for professional career counseling, and working with those who might not be able to afford even that reduced fee to come up with something they can afford - so this is your opportunity to meet with a Professional Career Counselor to review your best options and perhaps change your career and your life without a large financial commitment.

Important: For parents who are reading this thinking that it would be the ideal program for their son or daughter, please make sure that s/he is on board with the process. Young people who attend the ACE Program must be interested in their future and willing to work just the same as the adults in the Program. In other words, the Program is not for a young person who is attending only because his or her parent wants them to. They have to be attending because they, themselves want to.

The ACE Program gives individuals a chance to take a step back, take a deep breath, and consider some alternatives before making any career decisions. In essence, it helps them to envision their potential. In this way it is a program that everyone can benefit from.

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