Spirituality & Career Choice

"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God."
~Eleanor Powell

In my work with clients, I often help them find a purpose to which they can devote themselves. I'll ask myself quite literally, "What is this person's purpose?" It's an intriguing question, made more so if you consider it in spiritual terms. In many cases a good career choice helps a person grow spiritually - this is obvious. In addition, some of my clients believe that the unique gifts they possess are given to them for the "purpose" of fulfilling a role.

Some religious experts believe that we are put here to fulfill a very specific purpose. I'm not sure I agree. If we have a specific purpose, that takes away from the idea of free-will. I look at my clients as having certain talents that they can use in whatever way they want. If you were to look at it spiritually, then you could say my clients have specific gifts that they can take and apply in whatever way helps them to feel fulfilled and that benefit the world in some fashion.

These "gifts" could be math ability, creative skills, organizational aptitude, athletic talent, communication skills, analytical capabilities, an outgoing personality, a passion for gardening, a drive for independence, etc. How they apply their unique combination of traits in the labor market is what we attempt to find out. And, often, when they they have decided on how they will apply themselves, a sense of purpose is discovered.

For the very spiritually inclined who may be reading this, consider the following. Many believe that there is a creator, and some believe that the creator is in everything. It's expressed in the saying that "God is all and in all."


If God is all, and in all...

Then God is reality.

If God is reality...

Then everything is as it should be.

If everything is as it should be...

Then you are in the right place at the right time.

If you are in the right place at the right time...

Then the question you might want to ask is - for what?

That's a little deep but, bringing it back down to earth again, part of what I do with my clients in career counseling, whether they are spiritual or not, is to ask, and try to help them answer, that question. So, certainly, career counseling, and helping a client to find purpose can, depending on your perspective, be viewed as a very spiritual endeavor.

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